Skout offers a platform where you can chat with the application, give gifts and share photos with users. You can set the contact properties you want to chat through your own user search parameters, and then you can set up new friends as a result of matches. Another application that is used worldwide, you can chat with the application via Skout. In addition, this application allows users to give each other gifts. Skout offers a platform where you can share photos.

Skout is a social networking app where you can meet people from around the world, chat and create brand new friendships. The most important feature of the social network, which is widely used throughout the world, is to propose a friend based on your location, interests.

Skout, which has a considerable number of users in our country as well as abroad, brings out users from both your and other countries and offers them the opportunity to chat with them. With the filtering option, you only meet people with the criteria you have set.

You can install it for free on your Windows Phone phone, and it features many of the features of our favorite social networking applications. Every feature you use frequently, such as text and chat, voice mail, photo and gift sending, status update, is available in Skout.

Skout is a comfortable and modern interface and it is one of the dozens of applications you can use to meet new people and make friends.